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Our Story

The Pikes Peak Browns Backers got their start in the mid-1980’s when Rich Billingsley, Ron Delorenzo, Roger & Louise Jones and Jeff VanMeter would get together to watch the Browns at The Erin Inn on North Academy and Dublin Blvd. in north Colorado Springs. In the late 80’s, Browns fans started gathering at McKenna’s Pub on Academy and Austin Bluffs. Times there were interesting, as the Steelers fans also met there. Occasionally, words were exchanged but for the most part both parties coexisted respectfully. 

In 1988, a new bar in downtown Colorado Springs invited us to join them on game days. This was The Clubhouse Restaurant and Underground Pub on E. Kiowa St. Owner Tony Afshar welcomed Browns fans into his unique three level facility.  It was while meeting here that The Pikes Peak Browns Backers proudly became an official member of the Browns Backers Worldwide in 1993 as Charter #34. The Club was certified as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Colorado on December 31st, 1992. The original founders and Board of Directors are Kevin Sabins, Rich Billingsley, George Sredojevic, Don Priebe, and Dawn Stretar. In our 1st season we signed up 70 members.  At this time Browns Backers Worldwide had around 150 clubs and 35 thousand members.  The organization now boasts over 300 chapters and 90,000 members.

The Club enjoyed six great seasons at The Clubhouse even though our team was struggling to get back into the playoffs. Our “rally cap” was sending George Sredojevic up to the piano, hoping to spark the Browns to victory. Eric Metcalf was our Josh Cribbs of today back then.  Attendance was good but the venue was so spread out that we explored different options.

In 1994, the Pikes Peak Browns Backers moved to The Alumni on Pikes Peak and Academy. The bar was a good size for us as we usually filled the entire place on gamedays and had total exclusivity for Browns fans. The owner Jocco was very accommodating for us and we had a great relationship until someone took our team away! We returned to the Alumni in 1999 with Tim Velloney at the helm, and had some great times as the Browns returned to the NFL. Sadly, Jocco passed away in 2000 and The Alumni was never the same.  The PPBB moved to The Yukon Tavern on S. Circle in 2004. Another perfectly sized establishment with a great owner in Kenny Backstrand, The Yukon Tavern would serve as our home for the next three seasons. Kenny sold the business in 2007 and the we moved to Indigo Joe's until 2010. We then ventured downtown to call Southside Johnny's home for 6 years until they closed. We moved our viewing location in 2017 when we set up shop at Old Chicago at North Academy and Austin Bluffs and enjoyed 6 years there with their amazing and welcoming team. When the 2022 season ended it was also the end of an era, Kevin Sabins, who held the title for over 25 years and is the reason our club has continued to thrive and grow, passed the baton to our new President Erin Moroney.

The common thread between every year of our existence is loyal members – avid Browns fans. Wherever we go, Browns fans will follow and support our team like no other fans in the NFL. Browns fans are a special breed, and the Pikes Peak Browns Backers are proud to have given them a place to gather and cheer in Colorado Springs for the last 29 years.

The best thing of all is what Browns fans in the Pikes Peak Region have given back to their community.  While having a great time watching our team, the Pikes Peak Browns Backers have also raised over $70,000 for local organizations and charities. We’re very proud of our Browns fans, now hopefully our team will again give us something to be proud about!

Our Story

Meet the Board


Erin Moroney



Joe Gonzales

Vice President


Kevin Sabins



Jessica Rich



Diane Brewster

Member at Large


Josh Schrader

Member at Large


Liz Calamante

Member at Large


Brian Moyer

Member at Large

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